Delectable Dinosaur Meat: Tastes Like Kentucky Fried Chicken?!

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Hosted by Michael Aranda and posted on the SciShow YouTube channel, an interesting video on the possible taste of dinosaur meat has people thinking (and learning). With the caption, “Have you ever wondered what dinosaur meat might have tasted like? Chances are you’ve eaten dinosaur more recently than you might expect,” it’s garnering a lot of views. With Texas being a hotbed of dinosaur fossils, you can imagine what type of Texas-sized feast one could have had back in the day (if, of course, you weren’t the feast first!)

With a host of recognized sources for reference (,, and to name a few), the video ‘What Did Dinosaurs Taste Like’ goes on to explain how we may already know what dinosaur meat would taste like, considering its closest related species today are birds. It’s been proven that modern birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs, ergo, dinosaur meat might taste like chicken!

The video goes on to logically explain how dinosaur meat might obviously have varying tastes similar to the current variances of chicken to turkey to duck, and so forth. They highlight slow-twitch muscle versus fast-twitch muscle, linked to darker and lighter meats respectively, and of course the type of diet that the animal may have had, which would, in turn, affect the way its own meat would taste. It’s all very interesting and raises some more questions along the way, which they welcome for email submission at the end of the video. It’s definitely an informative piece that both you and your child can enjoy, and makes you wonder if we should be petitioning to change “KFC” to “KFD.”