You Can Do It: Delicious Edible Flowers

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Carnations are a great choice for using petals which are cut away from the base of the blossom. They have a great aroma when prepared and served with meats. Do you have a Fuchsia plant?  The blossoms taste tangy and they make a beautiful garnish. Hibiscus flowers are a favorite garnish with a wonderful cranberry flavor. Mint flowers are a great choice to cook with or to garnish a number of different dishes.

Edible Flowers

Photo: Flickr/Green Mountain Girls Farm

Nasturtiums are one of the more popular flowers used to spark up your gourmet meals. They are colorful and sweet tasting but have a spicy aftertaste that is actually enjoyable. Even the seed pods are tasty and their spicy flavor is compatible with most salads and meats. Because of the oval shape of the flower, you can stuff them with your favorite cheese mix or pâté…let your imagination go wild!

Edible Flowers

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Sunflower petals can be eaten and the unopened buds can be trimmed, steamed and eaten like artichokes. Only the bottoms or heart of the bud is the useable part and it looks very similar to that of an artichoke. Cook just as you would an artichoke.

Pansies are another popular whole flower that can be eaten in its entirety and there are so many colors and combinations of colors that decorating your dishes with these delicacies is fun.

Roses have to have petals removed from the white base of the flower,  which is not good to eat.  But the rose petals are wonderful in drinks and dressing up desserts, as well as jellies.

Edible Flowers
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Squash and pumpkin blossoms are large enough to be stuffed with your favorite stuffing and baked. They have a slight squashy taste but are lovely to serve. A creamed mixture of squash stuffed into the blossom and baked is nice to serve. Also, these blossoms can be dipped in a batter and deep fried or baked until golden brown and served with your favorite dipping sauce.