What You Didn’t Know About Onions

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Heart Disease

When we think of heart-healthy food, onions don’t normally come to mind. However, quercetin is found to significantly reduce high blood pressure in hypertensive adults. Moreover, this vegetable is considered to exceed the heart-protective properties of red wine, inhibit hardening of the arteries, and help keep the arteries elastic.

Gum Disease

Raw onions may make our breath stink, but they can actually improve oral health. Two to three minutes a day of chewing on one can kill most germs in the mouth.

Many studies have been done that verify the immense health benefits of onions. So, to help you stay healthy and prevent the onset of some of these diseases, why not eat a small onion a day to help keep the doctor away.  But, as always, if you have allergies or take specific medicines always inform your doctor and work with them to maintain your good health.

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