Don’t Call It a Kolache: The Difference Between a Kolache and Klobasniky

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Rumor has it that this version of a pig in a blanket, the klobasniky, was invented in the famous bakery located in the town of West, Texas called The Village Bakery. According to The Village Bakery, the klobasniky was born in 1953 when kielbasa sausage collided with Grandmother Honey’s Old World kolache dough recipe. Texas’ pastry options haven’t been the same since.

So, the next time someone at the office offers to go pick up breakfast and asks if you want fruit or sausage kolaches, offer them a little (unsolicited) history lesson. Tell them about the original kolaches, native to Moravia, created using a sweet, yeast dough and filled with fruit. Then, educate them on the origin of the klobasniky and its birth in the town of West, Texas.

If you still have friends after that little history lesson, plan a trip to Hallettsville, Texas, the last Saturday in September for Kolache Fest, featuring tons of kolaches, music, and fun. What better thing to celebrate than a delicious pastry, rich in culture and history that has drawn families together for generations?

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