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This DIY Project Turns Your Fireplace into an Understated Centerpiece

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While fireplaces may be slightly impractical in the Hill Country, this great DIY project turns your fireplace into a sweet, styled focal point.

Fireplaces can often look like dead zones in a room when they’re not being used, so one Instructables user named mikeasauras decided to revamp his fireplace so that it would draw the right kind of attention all year long.

The short video below details all of the steps, but a quick breakdown is simple. First, he measures the length of the fireplace and cuts a board to fit the dimensions. He then spray paints it black, although a nice muted gold or silver would also look nice paired with the log stumps.

He then glues round wood cuts about two inches thick in different sizes to the board, making it look like he has wood for days stacked in his fireplace.

Not only is this DIY project convenient, but it’s also a good way to keep the drafty chimney closed which is a heat trap in the Texas summertime.

Are you considering this DIY project? It seems as though it takes so much less work than one would imagine.