Kennel Club Announces ‘Dog Photographer of the Year’ Results

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Every year, the Kennel Club, a dog-loving organization based in the UK, rewards talented artists with the delightful “Dog Photographer of the Year” awards. According to Bored Panda, they receive “10,000 entries from 74 countries around the world,” so it makes sense that they have 10 categories to spread out the awarded titles including charity categories and ones for children to enter.

For dog lovers, the task of deciding which photos are the best must seem nearly impossible as each picture features an adorable pooch. This year, the overall winner and the winner of the category of “Man’s Best Friend” came from Portugal. The image, titled “A Girl’s Best Friend,” features a sweet black puppy with dark brown eyes lying comfortably next to a woman’s foot. The lighting couldn’t be more beautiful for the relaxed and natural moment.

The photographer, Maria Davison, said “My friend had just adopted Yzma and while we were chatting in the kitchen I was taking some photographs. The location and the light were far from perfect, but I ended taking one of the photos I’m most proud of.”

Prints of the photos will be shown in at Kennel Club in Mayfair, London, but for those of us on this side of the pond, the winners can be seen here. Each photo is surprisingly different from the rest, showing how versatile dog photography can be.