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Check Out This Amazing Domed Waterpark in Berlin

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Tony Maples Photography


Berlin’s Tropical Islands is a completely different water park than Texans are used to visiting. Unlike local favorites like Schlitterbahn, Typhoon Texas, and Splashtown, Tropical Islands is mostly indoors, as it’s covered by a huge glass dome. This month, BuzzfeedVideo uploaded a montage of the otherworldly-looking water park and its attractions.

Beyond the attractions, one might expect like a wave pool, water slide tower, and kid’s pool area, Tropical Islands also houses a spa, mini golf, a tropical rainforest, a little arcade, and balloon rides which can be seen from dizzying heights in the video below. Though the Buzzfeed hosts don’t manage to take advantage of all of the fun things the park has to offer, they show how pristine and simultaneously relaxing and exciting the waterpark is.

Outside of the waterpark, there’s also a whitewater river and a few other attractions in addition to surrounding hotel accommodations. Like Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, there are plenty of lodging options for families looking for a surreal getaway to stay right next to the park. Check out their website, and if you ever find yourself in Berlin, take a day to head outside of the city to visit the Tropical Islands of Germany.