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5 Dream Destinations You Can Visit Without Leaving Texas

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Would you love to explore other countries but time and money have you constrained stateside? No worries! Thanks to Texas’ diverse cultural background, you can travel to many of your dream destinations without leaving the state. A trip to any of these five foreign-ly named locations is sure to satisfy your wanderlust!

1. Dublin, Texas

Dublin Texas welcome sign

Photo: Facebook/City of Dublin TX

It may be a few miles (and an ocean) away from the Emerald Isle, but the city of Dublin boasts plenty of Irish charm. In fact, former Texas Governor Rick Perry declared it the Irish Capital of the state in 2005.

2. Paris, Texas

Paris Texas Eiffel Tower

Photo: Facebook/John Crisp

Though the Arc De Triomphe may be a hop, skip, and a jump across the “pond,” the city of Paris, Texas is home to a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower. However, in true Texan style, a cowboy hat proudly adorns its peak.

3. China, Texas

City of China Texas

Photo: Facebook/City of China Texas

Like its namesake, this little Texas town specializes in growing rice. However, unlike The Red Dragon, whose population has boomed into a staggering 1.4 billion people, the community of China boasts just over 1,100 residents.

4. Italy, Texas

5 Dream Destinations Without Leaving Texas

Photo: Facebook/Mike Ziemer

Located just off of I-35, the self-proclaimed “Biggest Little Town in Texas” received its moniker from a founder who had visited the country of Italy and was so impressed, he thought he would bring a little bit of “Lo stivale” to Texas.

5. London, Texas


Photo: Pixabay

If you blink, you might miss this quaint little town. Located in Kimble County only a short drive from Junction, London is primarily an agricultural community. Surprisingly, according to Historic Texas, the town did not receive its name from the capital of the United Kingdom, but from a previous location in Kentucky.