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An Easy Hike and a Swim at Austin’s Semi-Elusive Lost Creek

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Due to its size and almost secretive nature, the hike and subsequent swim at Lost Creek in Austin are great spring and summer Texas experiences to share with friends or family. Access to this oasis begins under the bridge that crosses Lake Austin. And you may think you’ve found the swimming hole (this is what makes it slightly secretive) when actually you’ve come across a smaller one that tricks many a hiker searching for the infamous Lost Creek. From this point, there’s an additional 20-minute hike prior to hitting pay dirt.

An Easy Hike And A Swim At Austin’s Semi-Elusive Lost Creek

Photo: Facebook/Darshan Vartak

This sweet swimming spot is a Godsend on a hot Texas summer day when temperatures are consistently climbing into the 90-degree and upwards levels. And although Austin is loaded with hidden Hill Country oases, here you can not only swim and relax, but you’ll have the added benefit of the small and easy hike it took to get there.

An Easy Hike And A Swim At Austin’s Semi-Elusive Lost Creek

Photo: Facebook/Inti St. Clair

You can access the path from Lost Creek Blvd., where your hike begins. Taking the second split to the right, after seeing the first swimming hole (which is not the one you want) and crossing the creek, the hike to the area you want is an easy one through the woods where it’s a shady and clear trail along relatively smooth ground. It is a fair length, so be forewarned that if you have younger children with you, at some point they’re going to ask to be carried! And bring plenty of drinking water and snacks, but try to pack light.

An Easy Hike And A Swim At Austin’s Semi-Elusive Lost Creek

Photo: Facebook/Candace Lane Duke

Unless you’re the very first people on the scene, you’ll know you’re getting close to the real Lost Creek swimming hole by the sound of music, or people laughing and talking, as it can be known to be a popular place to take a dip. And for the most part, swimming, volleyball, and family pets are the three things you’ll see taking place, which is pretty cool when you consider it’s hot out, it’s Texas, and people just want to hang out and cool off!