Eating Your Way Through Texas: 5 Foods You Absolutely Must Try

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When you live in Texas, you can tend to take for granted the fact that you have a tremendous selection of great food from which to pick for a fantastic meal. Family and friends also know how to cook up a storm (often times). Gatherings throughout the spring and summer here in the Lone Star State can usually contain a mixture of wonderful salads, heritage dishes, barbecued meats, and cultural favorites that have come to be known and loved in Texas and even beyond. That being said, if you’re visiting our great state, there are a few things you definitely need to eat when you’re here!

Filmed in San Antonio, in the Texas Hill Country, “Eat Texas – 5 Foods You Have to Eat in Texas,” from the Wolters World YouTube channel, features just that – five foods that anyone visiting Texas must try. Wolters World touches on some of the basics and has hit viewership gold with its visuals!

Although we don’t want to give away every item on this list, we will state that this video has most definitely given you a great jumping-off point if you’re a foodie and want to hit up the very best of Texas in a wonderful road trip type of fashion. Make plans to watch the video and line up a few local favorites to tour while you’re in town. We guarantee you’ll want to return… hint, there’s not really just five. Once you’ve had these foods made right and served with a smile, it won’t taste the same anywhere else!