Show Texas Educators Some Love on Teacher Appreciation Day

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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, some Texas restaurants and businesses are offering our teachers “freebies” and deals to make their day a little brighter. Hopdoddy is offering one free small shake to any teacher who comes into the restaurant and shows their ID. This is valid from May 6 — 10, 2019. Houndstooth Coffee (with seven Texas locations throughout Austin and Dallas) has a special whereby teachers can get one free hot or iced coffee on Teacher Appreciation Day. This will be available at all of their Texas Hill Country and North Texas locations. Pluckers Wing Bar is featuring one free appetizer to teachers presenting their faculty school badge (one appetizer per two people) and half-price glasses of wine! This is scheduled for May 7, 2019, at any Pluckers Wing Bar location. And the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel, on Congress Ave. in Austin, is offering teachers one free glass of house wine or their signature cocktail, La Paloma, with proof of ID.

Show Texas Educators Some Love on Teacher Appreciation Day

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When you get down to brass tacks, Texas teachers are appreciated. On May 7, 2019, teachers will cherish the gifts that your family chooses to shower them with, in recognition of their work, but they’ll also appreciate the offers and freebies that their profession affords them at local businesses on this day. Many times, choosing this profession can seem (like many) to be thankless. But that’s not why they choose this employment stream. If you ask a teacher why they went into their line of work, you’ll most likely hear the passion of wanting to help young minds develop into the productive and capable Texans they know they can be. Is there any more noble profession?

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