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San Antonio Zoo Brings In a New Elephant from Ringling Brothers

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Lucky the 56-year-old Asian elephant has been alone in her enclosure at the San Antonio Zoo since fellow elephant Boo died in 2013. Now, Lucky is joined by a new arrival named Nicole, a 40-year-old elephant.

KHOU reports that Nicole arrived via the new partnership between the San Antonio Zoo and Ringling Bros Center for Elephant Conservation. The elephants’ keepers met to discuss the personality of both of the animals to determine whether or not they’d be buddies and get along well in the zoo.

The habitat will not be open to the public until the elephants have time to bond. If Nicole and Lucky don’t get along well, Nicole will be sent to Florida to live in an animal sanctuary along with the rest of the Ringling Bros elephant refugees. Many people would like to see Lucky moved to a wide open sanctuary as well.

Reports say that Lucky’s old companion Boo was aggressive towards Lucky, and they didn’t get along well. If Nicole’s company isn’t copacetic, Lucky might get another elephant roommate or the zoo could enlarge the enclosure to welcome other large creatures. Whatever happens, we just hope the result is in the best interest of the elephants.