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Emergency Sirens Went Off in Dallas For No Apparent Reason on Saturday

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Across the city of Dallas, 156 loud emergency sirens are set up to warn citizens of widespread danger like destructive weather. But on April 7th and into the 8th, the sirens sounded for no real reason. According to WFAA, Dallas officials say that a hacker was behind the upsetting situation.

The sirens had to be manually disengaged one by one, and the city is focusing on getting them up and running again as soon as possible, so residents might hear the sirens again as they’re being tested (during daylight hours only.)

The cry of the sirens irritated many who were just trying to get some sleep, but it was also worrisome and anxiety-inducing to others, especially given the recent political unrest in the world. Buzzfeed writes that over 4,400 calls were made to 911 while the ordeal took place from 11:42 PM to 1:17 AM, making the response time for an emergency call six minutes long at midnight.

Dallas’ mayor aims to prosecute whoever hacked the system, and while officials know how the hack occurred, they aren’t sure they’ll be able to figure out who was behind it. For now, they’re not revealing how the hack was done, so there won’t be any copycats. They don’t want the sirens to become an emergency notification method that citizens don’t trust due to it “crying wolf.”

Going to be a long night … no weather … no giraffe baby… no Russians… #dallassirens

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