Epic New Food Truck Park Will Showcase a ‘True Taste of San Antonio’

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A state-of-the-art, $2.7 million food truck park will soon grace the city of San Antonio. Developers await breaking ground on the city’s east side, at the corner of Live Oak and Burnet streets.

Five years in the making, this new food truck park will feature six trucks around a three-story building which will house two bars, a facility for exercise and yoga classes, as well as space for frequent live entertainment functions, among other great comforts and conveniences. Similar in concept to other such Texas Hill Country iterations but with its own unique take, the park is looking to open by Fiesta 2019. Project lead Joe Anthony Guerrero told, “It’s going to showcase the city. We expect this to be a tourist destination as well as a local destination.” Noting that those who visit the park can expect to “get a true taste of San Antonio,” Guerrero stated that it was originally intended to be open in 2013. Due to long approval processes, it was transformed from its original $500K plan to the variation which is now underway.

Epic New Food Truck Park Will Showcase a ‘True Taste of San Antonio’

Photo: Courtesy Of Brooklyn StrEat

The new food truck park will be dubbed Brooklyn StrEAT. It will also be home to a Monarch butterfly wayfinding station, as well as a student-managed spice and produce garden through a partnership with the Healy-Murphy Center (designed to assist those in the process of earning their GED). All food trucks registered at the site will be required to sell a minimum of one farm-to-table product, making use of the garden and ensuring some return to Healy-Murphy in the process. Guerrero also stated that the food truck selection process hasn’t been settled as of yet, but that they’ll most likely be chosen through a contest. The usual suspects include seafood, tacos, and barbecue concepts among others. However (because, hey – Texas), there are guaranteed to be some surprises and big hits. In addition, there will be space for 19 other food trucks, which will allow for the venue to host larger events.

Epic New Food Truck Park Will Showcase a ‘True Taste of San Antonio’

Photo: Pxhere

With all of that great food comes the need to pair it with some equally great drinks. Subsequently, plans are in the works for the first floor of the open-air, three-floor, on-site structure to include a bar with the standard offerings, in addition to raw juice and the possibility of hemp coffee. The second-floor plans feature an event venue for private functions or live music, including seating for 60-80 people. The third floor will be home to a rooftop bar and additional seating space. Plans for monthly live music events at the food truck park are also in the works. It’s anticipated to bring 35 new jobs to the area, and continue to grow with the partnership through Healy-Murphy.