Photographer Eric Pohl to Release New Book: ‘Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey’

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Texan and photographer Eric Pohl will release his latest book “Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey” on September 27, 2017. His brilliant photography has captured the wonder and scope of the vastness of the Texas Hill Country. In a recent interview, Mr. Pohl shared some of his experiences writing the book and what he loves about Texas.


Light in Climbers Canyon - Reimers Ranch

Photo Courtesy of Eric Pohl

For “Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey,” Eric Pohl wanted to bring out the hidden pleasures of the Hill Country. He scatters photos of small towns, hidden natural scenes, and back roads to bring to life a Texas that even some natives rarely see. He wants to “inspire everyone who picks it up to get out and appreciate the world that’s around us.”

Favorite Spots

Fog over Calohan Creek Valley - Hays County by Eric Pohl

Photo Courtesy of Eric Pohl

Every writer has a favorite story when writing a book, and Eric Pohl has a couple of his own. His favorite photo is a shot from his backyard near Dripping Springs on a foggy morning. Many of the photographs Eric Pohl captures come when he travels on family adventures. One of the photos in the book is of his wife in Luckenbach. Other images from this book and his previous one, “Houston, Texas: A Photographic Portrait,” were pictures his family helped him to capture.

Most Memorable Shot

Thunderstorm over Pedernales River - Reimers Ranch

Photo Courtesy of Eric Pohl

While that shot evokes comforting memories of home for him, it was not the most exciting shot he got. That one came from taking a picture near Climber’s Canyon by the Pedernales River. A brief rainstorm soaked the ground, and after getting the shot, he slipped almost down into the river. But, he says the stunning picture of sunlight coming through the clouds made the effort worth it.

About Eric Pohl

Eric Pohl at Hill Country State Natural Area

Photo Courtesy of Eric Pohl

Mr. Pohl’s motto has always been, “It’s all about the journey, so take the scenic route.” While he takes this path, he records his experiences along the way in his photographs and writing. He lives in Dripping Springs with his family, consisting of a wife and son. They play a role in his many adventures, as well. Prior to “Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey,” Eric Pohl wrote and photographed a book on his former home of Houston, “Houston, Texas: A Photographic Portrait.” He currently works as a freelance photographer. See more of his work online at his website or check out his new book at