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Experience Your Summer Dream Getaway at Frio Country Resort

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While on the river, take some time to gaze up at the amazing cypress trees that line the banks. Well-watered from the constant flow of the river, these healthy behemoths are a sight to behold. They offer some shade as you float along the current, or a nice place to park in a chair.

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Photo: Facebook/ ConCan, Texas

While in the area, be sure to check out Garner State Park. Spend a morning exploring the hiking trails and spotting Old Baldy in the cool breeze, and then make your way back to the river once the afternoon heat revs up. There are some wonderful trails, ranging from easy to difficult. Be sure to visit the Foshee Trail for a challenge, and check out Crystal Cave for a deep adventure!


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Photo: Donald Minnis

In the evening, plan to grill cabin-side or visit one of the restaurants the area boasts. Neal’s Dining Room is just down the road and serves up comfort food aplenty. They also make a mean breakfast, so come back the next morning bright and early!

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You won’t want to miss their views of the river from their outdoor patio, or the hummingbirds that visit regularly. Your waitstaff can tell you about all the types of hummingbirds that visit their feeders. They’re fun to watch from the windows while you dine!

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Photo: Facebook/ ConCan, Texas

Frio Country Resort welcomes newcomers and long-time visitors. Whether you’re in search of adventure or simply a relaxing weekend, Frio Country Resort and Concan, TX are certain to satisfy!

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