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Faith, Hope, and Love in the Aftermath of Harvey

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This would only be the beginning of the devastation that was about to hit the city I call home and love so much. From this point on nothing but faith and hope that it would be okay brought a sense of calm to my heart.

Hope in the Aftermath

Video: Sonia Ramirez

Band after band of rain came pouring down that evening with no end in sight. You can’t go to sleep as you are watching the water creep up to your back door as you rush to the front only to see it coming up your drive way nearing your cars. This was truly a moment of impact that the reality might be those flood waters were going to make it into my home and we had to prepare ourselves.

Having already stacked items as high as possible all we could do was keep watch and listen to the updates made throughout the newscast. Unfortunately, we lost our internet and TV service, and from Saturday, Aug. 26th through Friday, Sept. 1st we were at the mercy of a radio and Facebook updates.

As the storm bands settled and the rain wasn’t as heavy as we realized, we had survived the devastation of the flood waters as they receded. Getting out in the days following was another story as we were trapped in all corners by surrounding flooded areas, and the catastrophic effects of Harvey were becoming evident. There were cars stalled out in the roads, and water so high you couldn’t drive to check on loved ones.

This was only the cusp of the devastation I was yet to see as I tried to show in the video above of just one neighborhood where we have family living. Unfortunately, the home of a dear man many call Pop, a war veteran, and my daughter’s grandfather, was not spared Harvey’s rage.

Outpouring of Love

National Guard
Photo: Facebook/The National Guard