Falkenstein Castle: A Texas-Sized Fairy Tale

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Welcome to Burnet, Texas. A little town nestled in the heart of the Hill Country – a land teeming with bluebonnets and home to all manner of wildlife, natural wonders, and…castles? Indeed. Rising amidst this town of less than 1,000 people stands Falkenstein Castle. The home, and public venue, of Terry and Kim Young. The castle’s history is truly a Texas-sized fairy tale.

Of kings and dreams.

Falkenstein Castle, Burnett Texas, Hill Country

Photo: falkensteincastle.com

On a rugged hilltop near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany sits the fairy tale inspiration, Neuschwanstein Castle. Commissioned by King Ludwig the II of Bavaria, the building of the estate began in 1878 and continued for the next 17 years. Sadly King Ludwig died in 1886 before he could see the castle completed. His deep love of architecture and art lived on, however, and now thousands of people every year come to visit this idyllic scene. People like Terry and Kim Young.

A dream is a wish.

Falkenstein Castle, Burnett Texas, Texas Hill Country, Bavaria

Photo: falkensteincastle.com/Joel Scholtz

Being fans of King Ludwig’s many building endeavors, it was only natural that in 1995 the Youngs chose to make the trek to Neuschwanstein Castle, King Ludwig’s favorite project and very own texas-sized fairy tale. The Youngs were eager to tour the interior of the castle (or at least the 25% that is finished). The tour exited through a long gallery hall hung with pictures and drawing of Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, and Herrenchiemsee (King Ludwig’s three main buildings). There among these familiar designs hung plans for a project that Mr. and Mrs. Young were not familiar with. Both of their interests were peaked, however, and they inquired as to what this unknown design plan represented. The youngs were intrigued to learn that indeed, King Ludwig had been making plans to build another castle, to be named “Falkenstein”. The castle was to be built approximately 20 kilometers from Fussen, which is the old town located just below Neuschwanstein.

A Texas-sized fairy tale.

Falkenstein Castle, Burnett Texas, Texas Hill Country
Photo: Flickr/Bob Bohmer

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