A ‘Fallen Space Capsule’ Created Confusion on I-10

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Tony Maples Photography


Recently along I-10 in Casa Grande, Arizona, drivers were perplexed to see what looked like a space capsule lying on its side with its parachute out. The object had an American Flag along with the words “United States” painted onto it. Could it have been a long-lost spacecraft? Well no, but it is a great piece of recycled art!

Amber Sullins from ABC 15 Arizona posted on her Facebook, “You can all stop calling me now. LOL!” once it was revealed that the object was a piece of art instead of a fallen spacecraft. FOX 10 Phoenix writes that the artist, Jack Millard, was inspired one day when he saw an old cement mixer laying in a field along the road. He got in touch with the landowner to ask if he could paint it.

FOX 10 spoke to Yvette Kent, whose father owns the land.”My dad offers to sell it to him for $200, and he says, ‘I don’t want to buy it. I want to paint on it,’ and my dad was like, ‘Oh ok, go ahead,’” Kent said.

Since it only took Millard two days to complete the cement mixer’s transformation, people who didn’t see it in progress were alarmed when they noticed the space art piece. It’s an interesting take on the transformation of trash and what we notice along our normal paths.