How Far is Too Far in the World of Pumpkin Spice Products?

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The speed with which fans of pumpkin spice (the flavor, smell, and taste) hurry to scoop up or devour anything that remotely hints at containing their favorite fall time reminder is akin to shoppers rushing the lines at Black Friday sales! Those that create the home décor, drink or food masterpieces in which this blessed ingredient can be found have seemingly hit a gold mine of autumn profits when fans learn of their existence – which is why we’re now seeing the seasoning or smell in absolutely everything! But, how far is too far in the world of pumpkin spice products?

How Far is Too Far in the World of Pumpkin Spice Products?

Photo: Facebook/Special K

From gum to Nestle’s Toll House chips, to Kraft Jet-Puffed “Pumpkin Spice Mallows,” the weirdness that is the pumpkin spice take-over has driven consumerism crazy and challenged companies to come up with something bigger and better. This is why we’ve recently seen the pumpkin spice taco recipes (Texas readers were probably thinking, “Say it isn’t so!”) and, although it was verified to be fake, a gross but hilarious mock-up of Oscar Meyer pumpkin spice bologna!

How Far is Too Far in the World of Pumpkin Spice Products?

Photo: Facebook/My Baking Addiction

Quite a few companies are getting in on the new products, pairings, and unique seasoning qualities of this flavor/smell and creating items (edible or not) that attract the fall crowd yearning to smell or experience something that comforts and soothes them and reminds them that great things do in fact exist. But, that being said, what’s necessary and what’s just plain crazy in this consumer trend that seems to be drawing a crowd?