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FDA Ruins Our Day With Warnings About Eating Cookie Dough

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The FDA sure knows how to ruin a perfectly good night in of watching Netflix and eating raw cookie dough. ABC 13 reports that the federal Food and Drug Administration says a strain of E. coli bacteria is popping up in batches of flour. That flour, which might reside in cookie dough or other delicious batters, has lead to an outbreak of illness.

The root of the E. coli issue was traced back to a Kansas City, Missouri General Mills plant. Now, they’ve asked for a recall of over 10 million pounds of flour from Gold Medal and Signature Kitchen products.

The Center of Disease Control joined in the buzzkill by adding that kids (and incautious adults) shouldn’t play with raw dough.

Of course, no one wants to suffer from the effects of E. coli. Different strains can lead to conditions like horrible stomach trouble, infections, kidney failure and even death. But when it comes to taking away such a tasty treat, we can’t help venting a little. Though, it’s not like raw cookie dough is exactly a healthy snack we’re missing out on.