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An Hour After Buying His Ferrari, This Man Was Lucky to Survive a Horrifying Crash

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CBS News writes that local police called it a “miracle escape.” Last week, a driver in northern England was cruising along the highway in his new car. Suddenly, he lost control. The car went airborne, crashed into a lush green English field, and burst into flames. Amazingly, the driver emerged from it all with minor scrapes and bruising. When seeing photos from the scene, most would assume the driver didn’t survive, much less walked away.

USA Today says what makes this story particularly newsworthy is the fact that the driver had only purchased the vehicle an hour before his accident! Not only that, but this car wasn’t exactly a frugal purchase. The wrecked vehicle was a brand new Ferrari 430 Scuderia that cost about $260,000. According to news reports, the driver’s worst injury seemed to be a hit to his pride.

If you curious about what the Ferrari looked like before the crash, the video below by Doug DeMuro was uploaded last month and shows what a stunning car the “miracle escape” vehicle once was. Interestingly, it comes with a fire extinguisher strapped onto the floor with what DeMuro calls “rather difficult to operate straps” next to the passenger seat.