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You Need Fiesta in Your Life and the 2019 Event is Coming Up Fast

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With 11 days of festivities, attracting more than 3 million people, Fiesta in San Antonio is an epic time in the Texas Hill Country, and you should be there! What started out in 1891 as a one-day parade has turned into a celebration of history and culture here in our fair state. It’s now one of America’s premier festivals and not only does it generate a feeling of anticipation and excitement for all those in attendance, but it also generates a great amount of funding for local charities.

From scholarships to contributions to local organizations, the dollars that Fiesta brings into the city of San Antonio are well placed throughout the year following the event. In addition, small non-profit groups also partake in the event planning and coordination, which benefits their efforts as well as those of their counterparts. Fiesta 2019 is happening from April 18 through April 28 this year, with additional events leading up to and immediately following its jam-packed calendar.

Video: YouTube/Sports2Nite TV: San Antonio Area Sports Coverage

The video above on Fiesta 2018 features some of the highlights and the food and fun that can be had at this historic springtime celebration in the Texas Hill Country. Beginning with the Battle of Flowers parade 128 years ago, the event continues to celebrate the relationship that the city of San Antonio has with the military community. According to the Fiesta Executive Director, it has grown to amalgamate the work of various non-profit organizations and local communities to honor what the city and the state are all about – including similarities as well as differences! The food is amazing, the people are welcoming, and the events are second-to-none. If you’re planning a Texas holiday any time soon, try to make the trip during Fiesta. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere and one that you’ll never regret!