Fighter Jet Looks Bold in Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

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Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the historic USS Lexington Museum on the Bay in Corpus Christi has a special hot pink fighter jet on display. The plane looks stunningly bright and bold as it represents many courageous people who have fought a personal battle with their bodies because of breast cancer.

CBS DFW says that the jet is a “F9F-8 Cougar [which] was one of the most fierce jets in the skies during the Korean War-era.” It will easily be spotted at the museum until the end of the month. Then, it will be pressure washed and painted back to its traditional, less flashy color. The pink paint will easily come off since it was mixed with dishwashing soap and will never fully dry.

How did the idea to paint this classic aircraft come about in the first place? CBS News says that the USS Lexington Museum’s director, M. Charles “Rusty” Reustle, thought of it when he was driving to work one morning. He stated, “I saw a crane that one of the local rental companies had painted pink and I thought, wow, we could do something for breast cancer research, too. And we happened to have a plane that’s on loan from the Naval Air Museum that was all primed and ready to go.”