Finding Top Texas Under-the-Radar Wines to Fall in Love With

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Whether you’re completely aware of a sumptuous red from Bordeaux, France or Rioja, Spain, or like many of us, you’re completely oblivious to the great wine-producing regions throughout the world, you’d almost have to live under a rock to not realize that Texas is known for some phenomenal wines.

You may even have sampled a great glass or two from the Texas High Plains or even here in the Texas Hill Country. Although California, New Zealand, and Chile have fast become known for their vintages, nothing seems to quite compare when you know you have a high-quality reserve from the Lone Star State. But, how do you find such a beast, and what do you do with it? Finding top Texas under-the-radar wines to fall in love with isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Finding Top Texas Under-the-Radar Wines to Fall in Love With

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Wine awards annually dole out recognition to state and national as well as international wines for their winning characteristics. Their subtle differences can often be determined by aficionados in blind tastings, but the average person might not necessarily pick up on those. So, what is it that makes a great wine? To the person consuming it, it is simply the taste, the flavors, the aromas, the pairings, and even the place and people they are with at the time of consumption. It really is that simple. And, although there are sommeliers out there that would more than likely keel over from having read this, in actuality, a great wine can be determined as easily using any one of those requisites on any given Sunday (or any other day of the week for that matter). Don’t be afraid to make trips to local wineries, visit wine trails, or talk to your local wine vendor at a grocery or liquor store. Learning as you go is never a bad thing, and think of all the great Texas wine you’ll get to sample along the way!