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San Antonio Woman Fined After Getting Caught in Flood Waters Twice in One Day

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Earlier in the week, when rain fell heavily on San Antonio, the roads became flooded with dangerous, rushing water. During overwhelming road conditions due to the weather, many people panic and don’t realize that they should pull over, and sometimes, despite warning signs, people push through until it’s too late.

KHOU reports that one San Antonio woman became trapped in the flood waters while driving her short vehicle on West Commerce Street. The San Antonio Police Department had to step in and rescue her from her car and took her to a nearby gas station. Once she was safely to higher ground, she realized she didn’t have her keys, so she went back into the rushing water. She was able to grab her keys, but the water swept her away. Eventually, she regained footing and made her way back to safety where she was dealt three citations.

MySA.com writes that the woman will be fined up to $200 for the following citations: “disobeying a warning sign, failing to obey a police officer, and driving past a barricade.” “You’re putting your life and risk and you’re putting other lives at risk,” San Antonio Fire Department spokesman Woody Woodward said. “We understand accidents and emergencies happen, but preventing unnecessary tragedy is part of our job too.”