Reynolds Creates a Recipe: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey?

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Reynold’s Kitchen just sent the internet into a tizzy with a new recipe on their website for “Hot Turkey in an Oven Bag.” The name of the dish could actually be “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey,” since the recipe calls for putting “hot puffed cheese sticks” (very similar in likeness to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos) in a food processor and dicing them until they’re crushed into small pieces. Then, adventurous cooks are meant to “brush oil or butter on turkey and coat with the crushed chips” before putting the bird in a Reynold’s Oven bag and cooking it in the oven.

The brightly colored dish has caught the attention of many news outlets like that compiled a series of responses from social media concerning the orange/red bird. “Our 12 year old might actually try turkey if we did this….” The Hungry Housewives tweeted, while others raised their eyebrows in disapproval of the use of the snack food on their Thanksgiving meal. “Dear God, no,” Savannah Belle wrote.

But Reynold’s provides another recipe for those who aren’t enthused by the “hot puffed cheese sticks.” Scroll down from the “Cheetos” dish, and you’ll find “Ranch Flavored, Foil Wrapped Turkey.” This recipe calls for “ranch-flavored corn chips,” which, as you might guess, is very similar to Cool Ranch Doritos.