Float Baby: A Water Spa for Babies

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Float Baby is a unique experience offering water therapy and infant massage for newborns to six months. According to its website, it is the first of its kind and the only floatation and massage facility in the U.S. tailor-made for babies. This gem is located in Houston, TX, where founder Kristi Ison, “a married mother of two and a baby expert and Certified Instructor of Infant Massage,” was also featured on an episode of Shark Tank. The video below, courtesy of Float Babies, describes the benefits and enjoyment these tots experience on each visit.

This unusual option for a neonatal massage for infants seems to be a great way for parents to bond with their child in a fun, and different, environment. According to the Float Baby Facebook page, this water therapy session “promotes strength, lung capacity, digestive and circulatory improvements, and cognitive/physical advancements over non-water peers.” They recommend twice per week visits for ages two to eight weeks to help with newborn gas, and once per week for ages nine weeks to six months to build strength, shares its website.

Among the many benefits of the program, their website shares it helps with sleep patterns, which are sure to be of great assistance to all newborn mommies out there. “Children who have, but not limited to diagnoses such as Down syndrome, Neuromuscular disorders, Anomalies of the brain and spinal cord, Movement disorders, and Cerebral palsy can benefit from this form of exercise and massage,” shares their website. For more about this interesting program and prices visit