Food Gifts You Need to Start Making Now for the Holidays

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With the holidays coming quickly if you intend to give away food gifts, you need to start baking now. From cookies to snack mixes and more, food gifts fit a perfect niche for you and the recipient. You can produce a large number of gifts for many, making food gifts ideal for giving to coworkers and acquaintances. The recipient gets the treat of a homemade snack he or she would likely not purchase or make for themselves. Since most of these gifts store well, get in the kitchen now to be ready for the onslaught of holiday parties.

1. Christmas M&M Cookies

Food gifts M and M cookies

Photo: Pinterest/Two Sisters Crafting

What could be more festive or welcome than cookies made with red and green M&M candies? Two Sisters Crafting has a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that also get some additional flavor, color, and crunch from holiday-hued M&M candies. Make these for any holiday, and customize the candies to your celebration, but don’t forget to make these treats for Christmas either. They’ll disappear as quickly as you give them out.

2. Candied Pecans

Food gifts candied pecans

Photo: Pinterest/Gimme Some Oven

The fall and winter are the perfect time to find pecan recipes to use the pecans harvested from local backyards or purchased from roadside stands. Texas and pecans go hand in hand, and by following this simple, seven-ingredient recipe from Gimme Some Oven, even avowed pecan haters will be swayed. The sweet candy coating gives these nuts a taste reminiscent of a portable pecan pie with a kick. Make these for your next holiday party or to give to your friends with other food gifts.

3. No Bake Oreo Truffles

Food gifts no bake Oreo truffles

Photo: Pinterest/Fifteen Spatulas

How can you make America’s favorite cookie even better? Follow Fifteen Spatula’s recipe for Oreo truffles. Without the need to turn on the oven, these poppable treats come together quickly and taste incredible. Chocolate coating on the outside and crushed Oreo cookies on the inside make these an irresistible addition to the food gifts you make this year.

4. Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Food gifts cinnamon sugar biscotti

Photo: Pinterest/Tammilee Tips

Sweet, spicy, and salty, cinnamon sugar pretzels from Tammilee Tips make a perfect food gift for a person who is difficult to bake for. You won’t always know someone’s tastes, especially if you want to give out presents to your coworkers and passing acquaintances, but these cinnamon sugar pretzels hit so many taste points, that everyone will love them.

5. Pistachio, Lemon, and Rosemary Biscotti

Food gifts lemon biscotti

Photo: Pinterest/The Cook’s Pyjamas

If you know gourmets or foodies, this is an edible gift for them. The long preparation process produces the perfectly dippable biscotti texture, and the added rosemary contributes an unexpected flavor those with discerning palates will appreciate. Check out the full recipe from The Cook’s Pyjamas for a cookie recipe that will break the mold of the usual holiday biscuits served.