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Former President George H.W. Bush Honored with Lifetime Award Fishing Lure

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In College Station, Former President Bush was honored with a huge fishing lure for a lifetime of contributions to the sport fishing community.

As reported by The Eagle, the former President gathered with Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morrs; Pedro Sors, “the president of the fishing association of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas”; and Bill Dance, famous fishing TV personality for grant-giving ceremony. The purpose of the ceremony was to make fishing a more accessible activity for children across the country, specifically Hispanic children and those who have had little access to the sport.

The “George H.W. Bush Vamos a Pescar Education Fund gave a $50,000 check to the Houston Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Parks and Wildlife,” and other outdoor recreational organizations in order to facilitate a relationship between angling and Hispanic children who are newcomers to the sport.

Because Former President Bush has continually supported fishing and localized efforts to involve children in the sport for many, many years, he was awarded his own personalized giant fishing lure to commemorate his gifts.

Children were handed fishing poles and headed straight to the pond behind the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, which was freshly stocked with 300 extra catfish for the special event by Texas Parks and Wildlife.