Fredericksburg Insider: What Is Our Most Popular Music Venue?

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There is a postcard available in Fredericksburg titled “Fredericksburg Night Life.” It is solid black. That’s the old days; now we are known for live music seven days a week at many venues. But who are these guys, where did they play in town, and why aren’t they wearing shoes?

They love Beethoven, and you will, too.

Fredericksburg Music Club Concert

Photo: Robert C Deming

Over 200 people showed up for this concert Sunday afternoon; some men are wearing ties and a jacket, the women are dressed in their finest. When the violins played their first stanza, the hall was absolutely quiet, the audience intently focused on the musicians. If you’ve never heard a performance of Beethoven by a string quartet, it is time to expand your mind into this sophisticated, elegant, and highly emotional music. But where do you find this kind of presentation?  Here, its the Fredericksburg Music Club.

Fredericksburg United Methodist Church: the best concert venue in town?

Introducing Beethoven

Photo: Robert C Deming

This church is known for its outreach into the community, but also for its excellent acoustics and large seating capacity. The Miro Quartet is known worldwide, and they are playing here at the invitation of the Music Club, without any ticket charge, cover charge, or membership fee. There is a basket in the entry hall where you can leave a donation, and there are memberships available, but your financial contribution is up to you. The following morning the Miro Quartet headed to San Francisco for a series of concerts.

The February 19 show is Alamo Metro Chorus

Alamo Metro Chorus

Photo: Facebook/Alamo Metro Chorus

Lest you think all the musicians wear black suits, the next show presented by the Music Club is the Alamo Metro Chorus.  Their music? It is known as Barbershop music and its pure fun. The show is set for the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church, 1800 North Llano, at 3 p.m. on Sunday, February 19th. Like all the shows, there are no tickets, and like all the shows, the crowd will fill most, if not all, of the seats.

The house will be full.

Doug Montgomery


The word is already out: the concert set for March 19th will be standing room only. Santa Fe pianist Doug Montgomery will be performing, and people will be coming from all over Texas.

If you’ve never been to a concert of this kind, or heard Beethoven performed by a talented string quartet, or heard a rollicking good performance of barbershop music, try something new. If you are under 60 years you might feel out of place in this venue, but they would be glad to introduce you to music you’ve never dreamed of.

Why are the members of Miro Quartet not wearing shoes?  Because they aren’t as stuffy as you might think, and when they play Beethoven so perfectly it will make you cry.