Gingerbread Hot Chocolate is Everything on a Cool Texas Night

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We’re sure you’ve tried a variety of hot chocolate flavors and drink sensations over the years. But sometimes, something so simple in terms of taste sensations will pop up on your news feeds and make you think, “Now, how on Earth did this not cross my mind before?” That’s how we found Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. Shared by, the recipe is simple yet flavorful, and you’ll want to stock up on the ingredients for this special treat to get you through the cool Texas nights!

Incorporating the spices of the season (cinnamon, allspice, and ginger), Gingerbread Hot Chocolate is easy to make and tastes as good as you can imagine! shares a full ingredient listing, measurements, and step-by-step instructions for making this delicious hot drink at the link provided here. Their recipe has a preparation time of three minutes and a cooking time of five minutes. So in almost no-time-flat, you’ll have yourself a steamy cup of this festive concoction. The ingredients make four cups in total, so if you’re looking to have more than one yourself, or you’re entertaining a bunch of family members or friends, you’ll want to increase your amounts accordingly.

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate is Everything on a Cool Texas Night


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Cocoa Powder

Brown Sugar

White Sugar


Vanilla Extract

Sea Salt


The recipe from makes use of whipped cream to top their Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. You could also get creative and shave added chocolate over the top, or sprinkle some more spices (just lightly). You could also garnish this with some of those cute candied sprinkles we often use to decorate our Christmas cookies! You be the judge on how best to serve it up, and we’re sure your guests will drink it down with a smile. Let us know how the recipe turns out when you try for yourself!