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Girl Survives Falling Out of Harness on Terrifying Thrill Ride

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In a video recently posted by TheDoberNut, a theme park ride goes terribly wrong when a girl falls out of her harness and dangles by her feet after the initial drop. Before you watch the video, you can rest assured that the girl is okay, though one can only imagine how shaken up she must be from the incident.

NBC 26 reports that the dangerous thrill ride took place at Foire du Trône in Paris. The attraction is a swing ride that uses bungee cords to take riders up over 100′ feet high before dropping them down and into a swinging motion where it takes some time for the riders to slow down.

When the ride first dropped, it already looked as if she wasn’t completely safe. The force of the drop unharnessed her body, and the fun screams of a thrill turned to terror. It must have felt like forever watching the girl dangle from her feet while swinging back and forth until the ride slowed down enough for helpers to grab her.

Officials say that the equipment failed, and the ordeal could have been much worse. They plan to dismantle the swing as soon as they can.