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Goodnight Moon a Hit With Texas Hill Country Kids and Families

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What a gift it is to invite children into the arts at a young age! While some plays and musicals are not appropriate for young ears, the Zach Theater in Austin has created a series of shows suitable for young ears and eyes and what a treat!

Photo: Kirk Tuck

Goodnight Moon debuted on Friday, March 2 but will be around until May 27 on the Kleberg Stage at the Zach Theater, which is a smaller and more intimate venue allowing all children access to see the action unfolding.

Goodnight Moon is a classic and simple story about a little bunny working hard to fall asleep but momentarily distracted by his big world. As the bunny takes times to say goodnight to each object, and finally, to the moon, we get to glimpse inside the mind of our young and observant protagonist. The stage becomes that great green room and each prop an accurate depiction from the book. We get to meet the Old Woman Whispering Hush as she works hard to get the bunny to sleep. The Three Bears are a special treat and join bunny in a dance that delights every kid present. While the stage and book are maintained with integrity, the story takes some liberties to imagine what else might have taken place that night and the outcome is a huge success! One 5-year-old recently in attendance was fascinated by the constellation show and excited to name the constellations as they appeared. Smart show promoters provided an activity pack for children to read before the show which introduced each constellation that would appear on stage.

Photo: Kirk Tuck

Another highlight of the show is the piano player. Alone, he introduces the show, entertains with several jokes, provides music throughout the show, and also provides sound effects and comic relief. The cast, which consists of five people, each taking on various roles, do a wonderful job. It isn’t easy to entertain both adults and children. While admittedly more child-focused, adults are also dazzled, which is clear from watching the audience’s reactions. It is notable that while children are perhaps the largest demographic in attendance, many adults come to see the show without children. Goodnight Moon is a classic old enough to touch the hearts of all ages and tap into the childhood memories of so many. Perhaps most notable is to watch the adults watching the children delight in watching the show.

Photo: Kirk Tuck

There is still time to see Goodnight Moon live! Don’t miss it!