Graffiti Along Highway 290 Expresses Commuter’s Woes

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Last week someone reached his or her breaking point concerning Highway 290 in Houston. The road has been undergoing exhaustive construction for five years, so an angry Houstonian took to the street at the corner of 290 and Gessner and spray-painted their desperate wish. “Finish 290,” they wrote in simple black lettering over pieces of concrete and the sides of the highway.

Right now, 290 has ongoing construction projects for 38 miles, which is why commuters are more than tired of the smaller lanes, lack of shoulders and congestion that goes along with construction.

While the “Finish 290” graffiti left something to be desired aesthetically, it did get KHOU to take notice and investigate when the highway should reach completion. They called it a “population growing pain,” and warned that due to contractor delays and utility issues, the highway project wouldn’t be completed until 2018.

The finished road should be greatly improved whenever it does get finished. says that “eventually, U.S. 290 will be at least five lanes in each direction with a single reversible high occupancy toll lane from Loop 610 to Texas 6. West of Texas 6, the freeway will be four lanes in each direction with the solo high-occupancy toll (HOT) lane.” But Houstonians will have to patiently wait for these results.