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‘Graffiti Park’ in Austin Has Been Scheduled To Be Demolished

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One of Austin’s more iconic and colorful outdoor spaces formally known as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery but alternatively recognized as “the graffiti park” will soon be demolished. Community Impact has identified that the Historic Landmark Commission has voted to demolish the concrete slabs and walls without further discussion.

What once was intended to be a condo development in the 1980s took on an entire life of its own in the form of…well, art, really. The graffiti park has long been a popular destination for street artists, locals who love its eccentricity, and tourists and photographers that want the opportunity to take an epic picture in its presence. Used as a graffiti artist’s proving ground since its official launch in 2011, this together with what remained of the former Texas Military Institute (looking much like a castle structure), provided great photo opportunities. And, considering the fact that artists were required to be registered prior to adding their work to its walls (due to the fact that it remained private property), the owners of the property didn’t have a problem with its development. It rather mirrored Austin’s motto of “keep it weird.”

In an effort to appease those looking for a continuance of these opportunities, later this year the HOPE Outdoor Gallery is scheduled to relocate to 9507 Sherman Road, north of the Carson Creek Ranch and the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Not considered to be as prominent as the original location, this new locale does, however, promise added space for the artists. In the interim, a documentation process will commence on the old space, including photos and videos, prior to the arrival of the wrecking ball. A large piece of the existing concrete slab is also scheduled to be transported to the new site as a tribute.