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Tour of Texas: Must-See Historical Landmarks

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There are many great landmarks to visit in the United States. Mount Rushmore, the Washington Monument, and Hoover Dam are just a few. With summer vacation quickly approaching, many families are beginning to make plans to see some of these great places. But before you make plans just yet, check out these great landmarks. This road trip covers 1,362.22 miles, and you won’t even need to leave Texas. Starting at our State Capitol and ending at Big Bend National Park, we will take you through the must-see historical landmarks in Texas!

(Please note that A and B are both in Austin. Also, D and E are both in Houston.)

A. The Texas Capitol (Austin, Texas)

Texas State Capitol, Austin, USA 11


Where else is a better place to begin our trip than our very own capital? The Texas Capitol is full of history, tradition, and style. Not to mention, state laws are passed in this building. Take a 30 minutes tour any day of the week to learn all kinds of neat facts and see some of the most regal architecture around.

Total Trip mileage: 0 miles (starting point)

B. Governor’s Mansion (Austin, Texas)

Governor's mansion


Next up, we have the Governor’s Mansion, the first designated landmark in Texas. You won’t have to go far from The Capitol at all to visit this historic site. Since 1856, this mansion has continuously housed Texas governors and their families right next door to the Capitol.

Total trip mileage: .01 miles

C. Spindletop Gusher (Beaumont, Texas)



The next stop on our list is the site of 1901’s “Lucas Gusher” called “Spindletop”. When oil was discovered on this site, it took nine days to get the gushing under control. It is well worth the trip to Beaumont  to experience the reenactment first hand.

Total trip mileage: 243.3 miles

D. USS Texas (Houston, Texas)

USS Texas


All aboard the USS Texas! This fierce battleship has been docked in the Houston Ship Channel since 1948, but did her fair share of service to our country. The USS Texas is the only remaining battleship that fought in both world wars. Take a tour, or explore the ship on your own. Either way, you are sure to have a blast.

Total trip mileage: 316.58 miles

E. San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site (Houston, Texas)

San Jacinto Monument


Just a short walk from the USS TEXAS, this landmark stands as a tribute to the battle that won Texas their independence. “Remember the Alamo” and “Remember Goliad” were shouted before the battle was won in 18 minutes. Be sure to check out the museum and get a birds-eye view from the very top of the monument.

Total trip mileage: 316.58 miles

F. Strand Historical District (Galveston, Texas)

Strand Historical District


Full of shops, galleries, restaurants and museums, the Strand will not disappoint. Located near the Cruise Ship Terminal, many visitors find comfort here before and after their cruise trips, and so will you. There is plenty to do and many places to go in this Galveston site!

Total trip mileage: 359.34 miles

G. USS Lexington (Corpus Christi, Texas)



This ship has a full day of fun in store. Search the deck for your favorite aircraft. Take of in a virtually simulated flight. View one of the sets from the movie “Pearl Harbor.” Watch a 3D film about the ship in its mega-theater. Find out why the ship is called, “The Blue Ghost.” What to do first, well, that’s up to you.

Total trip mileage: 603.36 miles

H. King Ranch (Kingsville, Texas)

King Ranch

Get the real Texas experience at King Ranch. Seasonal hunting and nature tours are among the outdoor activities, while a cool museum will giver visitors a chance to see another piece of Texas history firsthand. With more land than the state of Rhode Island (!), King Ranch covers a whopping 825,000 acres! Now that is why they say everything is bigger in Texas.

Total trip mileage: 649.36 miles

I. The Alamo (San Antonio, Texas)



The Alamo has become one of the most recognizable landmarks in Texas. Visit San Antonio to find out what the buzz is all about. Nearby attractions include the River Walk, the San Antonio Missions, and the haunted Menger Hotel.

Total trip mileage: 805.82 miles

J. Fort Davis National Historic Site (Fort Davis, Texas)

Fort Davis


Fort Davis was used as a frontier post to protect stage coaches, freighters, travelers, and emigrants. It stands as a one of the best standing posts of its kind. A visit to this landmark would not be wasted.

Total trip mileage: 1,220.08 miles

K. Big Bend National Park (Big Bend National Park, Texas)

Big Bend


Your final stop in far West Texas is full of wide open spaces. The breath-taking scenery is enough reason to make the trip out. Enjoy backpacking, bird watching, camping, fishing, horse-back riding, and much more!

Total trip mileage: 1,362.22 miles