Green Beret Shares How Texas Treatment Center Saved his Life

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With 40 beds, this residential treatment center specializes in co-occurring disorders (meaning dual – or having substance abuse issues as well as mental health concerns). Warriors Heart works to stabilize and treat the substance use together with its co-occurring psychological matters, paying special attention to PTSD and MTBI, in addition to unresolved grief or loss and moral injury.

Green Beret Shares How Texas Treatment Center Saved his Life

Photo: Facebook/Teddy Lanier

Without the help of Warriors Heart, Lanier wouldn’t be here, he told The Today Show. “I’d be dead. Make no mistake about it,” the veteran said. He’s been in recovery for 22 months as a result and has expressed an immense desire to pay it forward and help veterans heal. He felt he was untouchable in his professional life, yet a train wreck in his everyday life, and when his issues collided, he hit a wall and realized he’d found rock bottom. He wanted to put as much effort into actively living as opposed to simply existing. He explained that the first words Warriors Heart says to those they assist are, “Welcome home.” Lanier said they literally gave him the tools to live and though it wasn’t easy, it was specialized for him and his counterparts – warriors. Like one of the show’s anchors stated, his story will give you chills. The treatment center has established a dedicated toll-free number at 888-378-1474, as well as direct text service, the link for which are provided here.

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