Green Chile Cornbread Stuffing is Sure to be the Talk of the Table

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With holiday meal preparations now underway, the search for the perfect stuffing recipe is also afoot. Some of you will already have one that may have been passed down through the generations of growing up here in Texas. Others may yet be looking for the one that’s “just right” in order to do the same with the generations that come after them. If you’re interested in giving something different a shot, you might want to try Green Chile Cornbread Stuffing. It’s shared by The Texas Chef, paired with a roasted chicken. But for those wanting to use it with their holiday turkey, you can do that too!

The recipe for Green Chile Cornbread was first shared on The Texas Chef website at the link provided here. You’ll need to make that first, before you can complete the stuffing recipe for your bird of choice. From there, the recipe is fairly straight-forward in terms of how one might traditionally prepare such a mixture. It includes diced celery, diced red onion, and minced garlic among the other phenomenal flavors you’ve come to be familiar with over the years with stuffing recipes. The mixture can be completed simply by placing all the ingredients in one bowl, in preparation for use within the chicken, turkey, or maybe even a goose (if you’re lucky!) of your choosing for your family meal. The end result is a flavorful stuffing that your guests won’t soon forget and a noticeable lack of leftovers when the time comes to pack up the meal at the end of dinner!

Green Chile Cornbread Stuffing

Green Chile Cornbread Stuffing is Sure to be the Talk of the Table


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Chicken Broth




Green Chile Cornbread


Red Onion,



The Texas Chef shares the full ingredient listing, measurements, and all the step-by-step instructions for making Green Chile Cornbread Stuffing at the link provided here. Although this page also outlines the recipe for a roast chicken to use it with (also quite yummy), if you’re substituting for a larger and different bird, you can still incorporate this mix, but may want to increase or decrease the amount according to what and how much you’re serving. When it’s all said-and-done, your stuffing will most likely be the talk of the table!