Watch: How to Grill a Good Steak, With Houston Chef Robert Del Grande

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Tony Maples Photography


Here in Texas, we’re talking steak and how best we can prepare it for our upcoming cookouts and backyard barbecues, and there’s no better way to learn then from YouTube tutorials. Chef Robert Del Grande has shared his top tips in a video entitled “How to Grill a Good Steak…” which will work well with a ribeye, tenderloin, filet mignon, and a T-bone. So, the good news is, you can achieve success with any cut, as long as you’re prepared.

Chef Del Grande is a James Beard award winner. Not only that, but he’s based in Houston, at The Annie Café & Bar (on Post Oak Boulevard). So, there’s no reason that you can’t experience his amazing cuisine, be it by online tutorial such as this, or first-hand! Here in the Lone Star State, we pride ourselves on our beef. We also take great pride in preparing it. We know, from top to bottom, how to cook a great cut. Now you can too!

Shared on the OPTFOOD YouTube channel, the video above featuring Chef Del Grande’s tips on how to grill a good steak has been viewed more than 2.5 million times. The channel features other how-to videos coupled with agriculturally-focused material, including a feature on Japanese Wagyu Beef Steaks which are raised on a ranch in Austin, in the Texas Hill Country. Chef Robert Del Grande is the Executive Chef and partner at The Annie Café & Bar. He helped to develop the culinary scene in the Bayou City and is a highly celebrated chef throughout the U.S. Having close to four decades in the industry, he has won numerous awards and blessed many a table with mouthwatering creations. Having originally obtained his BS in Chemistry and Biology as well as a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, he switched streams in the 2000s, experimenting in the kitchen at Café Annie originally, and then becoming a partner for the team behind Schiller-Del Grande Restaurant Group (which also operates The Lake House and The Grove at Discovery Green in Houston). He also has a stake (not steak) in Café Express and Taco Milagro. Not only that, but Del Grande has applied his knowledge of lab sciences to develop the formula for ROXOR Gin and has fostered the development of menu items for a number of food groups and national restaurant chains. In short, the guy knows a thing or two about cooking and food prep, and he can probably give you some steak tips (cooking tips, not actual steak tips) on how to prepare the best-grilled version at home.