Guacamole Takes the Internet by Storm, and We Couldn’t be Happier

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With over 1.6 million hashtags, guacamole is quite the popular post on Instagram these days. As aficionados of all things “Texas,” we feel it’s our duty to relay some of the best posts of this mouth-watering green goddess of a dip we thoroughly enjoy. Many of you will have your own home recipes for this powerhouse of goodness, and some favorite places in the Texas Hill Country to go and get you some. No matter how you cut it (spread it, dip it, smother your food in it…) guacamole is an amazing addition to any meal, and we’re so happy it’s found a place on the internet and in our hearts (read: bellies).

1. With Bacon?


Photo: Facebook/Food & Wine

As this social media foodie post states: “Bacon guacamole would like to be your friend this weekend,” and we’d have to agree. Have you tried this before? The salt of the bacon plays nicely with the cool, creaminess of the guacamole. It’s truly amazing!

2. As a Fresh Spring or Summer Lunch

Guacamole Takes the Internet by Storm and We Couldn’t be Happier

Photo: Facebook/4 Ingredients

This post identifies a healthy approach to living and eating, using only fresh ingredients, and the perfect way to try this is with a great guacamole recipe! Paired here with some appropriate dipping or scooping materials (we generally use chips, but you can use pitas, crackers, or even other vegetables!), this meal would be wonderful on a warm Texas spring or summer day!

3. Starting Your Day Out Right

Guacamole Takes the Internet by Storm and We Couldn’t be Happier

Photo: Facebook/Cleanfoodcrush

The possibilities are ultimately endless in terms of what can be paired with your guacamole in a meal. It’s a completely versatile condiment/dip (some of us can eat it by the spoonful on its own…but we won’t name names *cough* the writer), and you can bet it makes a great addition to your plate. Here, paired with an egg and sweet potatoes in a breakfast bowl, it certainly sets the tone for a great start to the day!