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A Guide to What’s Weird in Austin

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Austin is a weird popsicle, dripping in weirdness, wrapped in an outer shell of weird – which is why you need to experience it! The city has fast become one of the most popular unusual destinations for domestic travel. So if you too want to witness the strange and peculiar (but fun!), we’ve got the guide to what’s weird in Austin!

1. Baylor Street Art Wall

A Guide to What’s Weird in Austin

Photo: Pinterest/Arthur

The epicenter of street art for Austin, the Baylor Street Art Wall is a must-see of weird and cool at the same time. It’s the city’s largest graffiti art wall and is frequently called a “living” art project since the murals change as often as week to week. You can event bring some paint to do some painting yourself!

2. Roadhouse Relics Wall

A Guide to What’s Weird in Austin

Photo: Flickr/Philip Kromer

A famous stop and a great photo opportunity is the Roadhouse Relics Wall – a weird yet wonderfully unique site to see. In Austin, it’s a necessary visit and makes a great pic for your own “wall” on Facebook!

3. Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon

A Guide to What’s Weird in Austin

Photo: Facebook/The Little Longhorn Saloon

Looking for a real honky tonk? Look no further than Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon! Easily one of the best bars in town, the company is good, the beer is cheap and the country music keeps you coming back!

4. Cathedral of Junk

A Guide to What’s Weird in Austin

Photo: Wikimedia

Vince Hannemann has built an homage to junk who’s artistic measure can’t be read on any weird meter! It’s beautiful and ever-changing, and with each stop you make, you’ll see something different. And it’s all from repurposed “junk”.

5. Museum of the Weird

A Guide to What’s Weird in Austin

Photo: Facebook/Museum of the Weird

Size can be deceiving. In this great world of weird, Austin has a tiny treasure in the Museum of the Weird. With taxidermy mermaids, and a supposed Bigfoot of sorts (a Minnesota Iceman in a giant block of ice), there’s so much weirdness to take in. You’ll hardly believe it fits in the space!

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