Guitar Stolen in Fort Worth Found in Ireland and Returned Home

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Fort Worth preacher Daniel Massey went away on a trip in December last year. When he returned home, he found that his home had been broken into. Immediately he noticed that the thieves took one of his most precious possessions – a 1943 Gibson guitar owned by his mother, a bluegrass musician.

Fort Worth Police were able to find quite a few of the items stolen from Massey at a pawn shop in town. Unfortunately, the guitar had already been sold on eBay and shipped all the way to the auction winner in Dublin, Ireland. Massey felt like he’d never see the instrument again.

But as WFAA explains, Fort Worth Detective G. Gutierrez didn’t think giving up on the precious guitar as an option. He found the buyer who eventually got ahold of Massey, and they were able to work out a way to get the guitar back on a 4,479-mile journey home!

“Oh, it felt beautiful,” Massey told NBC DFW on holding the guitar once again. “But more than just the instrument itself, what flashed back was all the memories that I remember of that guitar and who possessed it.”

Gutierrez found the two men who committed the robbery. They’ve been charged with theft.