Guy Fieri Spotted at San Antonio BBQ: Welcome to Flavortown!

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Guy Fieri has made his way back to the Texas Hill Country it seems! He was spotted in parts of San Antonio recently. That’s right, the Food Network star was seen filming at the Smoke Shack on Broadway, and one local reporter spotted the infamous red 1967 Chevy Camaro SS convertible in which he begins each episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” with its California license plates that read “FLVRTWN.” Fans of Fieri’s shows know that wherever he goes, there’s sure to be some great food at the heart of it, and no doubt San Antonio has no end of great foodie locales to visit.

Not only that, but Fieri posted a picture of himself sitting atop a Texas longhorn on his personal Instagram account. He took the image while it appears he was filming on-site at the Smoke Shack BBQ. Fieri is no stranger to the Alamo City, having visited on prior occasions to showcase the likes of The Magnolia Pancake House, Texas Tip Top Café, and Beto’s on Broadway, to name a few.

Guy Fieri Spotted at San Antonio BBQ: Welcome to Flavortown

Photo: Facebook/Guy Fieri

Since the “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” show first aired in 2007, Fieri has made stops in the Texas Hill Country that many a local came to know and love well before being featured – hence the premise for the show. However, his personality and quick wit in the kitchen has brought him a national following that also draws big attention wherever he goes. One couple, in particular, has made it to 250 of the more than 400 restaurants filmed in the episodes, and countless links in an online search will pop up if you’re interested in plotting out a tour of your own! This brings a boon in business to the places he goes, and a great amount of recognition well after the show has aired. Those who know him, love it. They think it’s bananas… and bananas is good!