How Hamilton Pool Was Formed [WATCH]

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Tony Maples Photography


Hamilton Pool is a popular, natural swimming hole just west of Austin on Hwy 71. Its cool and refreshing, emerald green waters draw Texas Hill Country swimmers day after day, and year after year. The heat of the summer months in Texas seem just a bit more bearable after a swim in this natural wonder.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of swimming in Hamilton Pool knows just how beautiful this place is. Its limestone outcroppings, majestic 50 foot waterfall, and lush greenery give a sort of magical feel to the area. Man could never recreate such a splendid oasis. So, how did Hamilton Pool come to be? This short Facebook video posted by Trips to Discover, TX is loaded with some interesting facts about how this beloved swimming hole was formed, as well as,  a whole lot of fun being had by its visitors.