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Hands of a Working Man: A Texas Teacher Remembers

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I dropped my head and looked at my hands. Raul took my hands in his and said, “Mr. Caussey you taught me a lot about history, but more importantly you taught me that you can tell a lot about a man by his hands.”

I smiled, hoping that maybe all those years in the classroom had positively impacted someone’s life.

“My father gave his hands for me. I will be a doctor soon, so I can help those people like my father who make sacrifices for those he loves. After I complete my medical degree I am going to come back to Dallas and use my hands to help those too poor to pay for medical care.”

We visited some more, and then he stood and put his hand on my shoulder and thanked me. Then he gave the best of compliments. “Mr. Caussey, my father said you were a good man. And my father was a smart man.”

After Raul left, I remember his saying that his father had sacrificed for him. Again I smiled, because I remembered that the Father of us all had made a sacrifice in the giving of His Son for us. And that sacrifice has made the difference in us all.

(Durhl Caussey writes a personal column for Texas Hill Country. He may be reached at this outlet or [email protected])

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