Nothing Says Happy Valentine’s Day Like a Madagascar Cockroach

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Looking for that perfect gift to give your sweety pie this Valentine’s Day? Something that screams I love you forever! Well not scream but maybe a little hiss? The Houston Museum of Natural Science is giving you a chance to express your “Endless Love” by naming a  Madagascar Hissing Cockroach at the Cockrell Butterfly Center after your loved one.

Endless Love



As part of its Endless Love program, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is giving this unique opportunity to anyone wanting to profess their eternal love to that special someone. For just $5 you can have naming rights to a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.

Before you count this idea out, think about what the museum had to share. “These tough little beasts have been living, loving and roaming the earth for 350 million years. It’s even been said they’d survive a nuclear blast. Who knows?” What better way to make a grand gesture of love to your one and only by letting them know you want your love to last forever by naming one of these unique cockroaches after them.

For a Good Cause



Not only is this opportunity an unforgettable gift and lasting memory, but the proceeds go back to support conservation and education at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. You’ll also receive a digital commemorative certificate and you can view your cockroach on their live-stream of their roach motel affectionately called the Heartbreak Hotel on their website. Best part, you won’t even have to capture or gift wrap your roach. You can enjoy all the fun from the comfort of your home watching them. Just visit their website and click on the Name a Cockroach button to get started.

Say I love you forever with a cockroach this Valentine’s and you’re sure to create an unforgettable memory that we hope last for decades to come! The Endless Love campaign ends Friday, February 19th.