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Harvey Victims to Move Out of the George R. Brown Convention Center

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Around 1,000 people are still living at the George R. Brown Convention Center after the disastrous flooding from Hurricane Harvey. ABC 13 reports that now, almost a month later, these evacuees will be moved out of the Houston convention center and into new housing.

ABC 13 explains that some evacuees will work with “local officials and the Houston Apartment Association to sign leases and move into new apartments,” some people will move on to dormitory-like government subsidized housing, and others will make their way to a Houston Community College (HCC) warehouse.

Over the weekend, buses were used to relocate those staying at the once very crowded convention center to the new HCC facility lead by the Red Cross. In a video from KHOU, viewers are given a look inside the new location which was previously filled with boxes. While the news taped, workers were putting together rows of cots, similar to the sleeping conditions of the George R. Brown Convention Center. They report that showers are set up outside, and there are enough beds for 800 people and spaces for pets. KHOU says that Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is giving $9.8 million in aid to Houston for housing efforts, and officials say no city dollars will be used to fund the shelters.