Follow Your Heart for Fall Wines From the Lone Star State

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Being residents of Texas doesn’t always afford us the opportunity of experiencing all four seasons. Sometimes, we skip right on past autumn and roll into winter temperatures. But how the weather rolls out doesn’t have to dictate your preferences for Texas fall wines. There are obvious seasonal selections to be made, however, you don’t need to necessarily go with the wind on your choice of wine. Fall time, in particular, means a return to some favorite selections based on your mood, level of comfort, and seasonal pairings.

Although the fall, as well as the swarms of people who are enthused about it, will try to sway us toward hot chocolates and something of a pumpkin spice nature, some powerful red wines should make an appearance in your fall wines repertoire. Such bold beverages support the delicious and hearty beef that we so thoroughly enjoy here in Texas. And we’re still barbecuing well into the fall time. A sturdy red wine to pair with a meal like that is what autumn days and nights were made for.

Follow Your Heart for Fall Wines From the Lone Star State

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Autumn is often known as a transitional season for many things, including wine. That being said, consider price point as well as weight as your two most critical factors in making a fall wine selection. A Pinot Noir is an excellent and bold red wine for a great fall time selection. At a reasonable bottle cost of $25, its velvety finish ushers in a sense that the season has already taken hold and you’re about to enjoy the best of it. Likewise, a Merlot leads with an amazingly fresh fall mixture of finishes and hints of the season, which are well blended to produce a delicious taste on your palate.

In the price range of $20 to $30, many fall wine selections speak volumes about their terroir in addition to offering the drinker great deliciousness. Such wines not only appeal to your taste buds but also to your wallet. If you’re just beginning to explore wines that could bring you great pleasure, a Red Zinfandel comes to mind. With a more earthy characteristic and less fruity notes, you’ll understand after only one sip why this wine needs to be in your glass this autumn.

Follow Your Heart for Fall Wines From the Lone Star State

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There are dozens of great Texas fall wines from which to make your fall time wine selections without fear that you’ll repeat any of your choices. To learn more about what makes a particular taste or type, you can read up on AVA details for the Texas Hill Country as well as the Texas High Plains. Or you can plot out a fall time wine route on which you can sample and sip your way to success. Keep in mind, it’s not so much the weather which dictates the wine selection as much as it is the tastes of the drinker, the reason for the celebration you’re sharing wine over, and the food you’re pairing it with. Follow your heart when it comes to your selection. The price point and the flavor will guide you through the rest!