Hidden Texas Gems That Only the Locals Know About

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Hidden Texas gems are places you can explore that allow you to feel you’re special, like no one before you has set foot there, or as if you’re learning something of which your friends have no knowledge. The Lone Star State has a variety of them, in varying interests. So, there’s no reason someone from a sporty lifestyle vs. someone from an academic background couldn’t come across one that speaks to them directly. Here are just three such sites that offer unique perspectives and opportunities for fun!

1. Son’s Island

Hidden Texas Gems That Only the Locals Know About

Photo: Facebook/Grablatest

Summer is here, and those of you wanting the kind of getaway you previously believed could only happen outside of Texas have overlooked the appealing factors of staycation at Son’s Island, near Seguin. This secret getaway will make you feel like you’re in another country. Its tropical-style setting in the Lone Star State means you won’t need to fly, and it won’t require a cruise. Those of you who are true Texas fans, through-and-through, will appreciate that you won’t even have to leave the state! Summertime is the perfect time to visit and take advantage of this oasis, where you can swim, paddle, or generally relax, and soak up some sun at Son’s Island!

2. Stonehenge II

Hidden Texas Gems That Only the Locals Know About

Photo: Facebook/Erich Schlegel

Although many of you may think this is the world-famous landmark in Britain, it is, in fact, our own version! It’s right here in the Lone Star State! This is as close to the real deal as you’re going to get, here in Texas, and it’s located in Ingram. It was modeled after the original, as closely as possible, by a man by the name of Al Shepperd, together with his neighbor Doug Hill. Stonehenge II, as it’s referred to, was originally set in Hunt, Texas, and was designed at 90 percent the width and 60 percent the height of the original. Sheppard sold the installation to the Hill Country Arts Foundation, which successfully relocated all of its components to their Ingram campus.

3. Stewart Mansion

Hidden Texas Gems That Only the Locals Know About

Photo: Facebook/Woodlands Paranormal

Having only murals of pirates and no furniture to speak of, the Stewart Mansion in Galveston is completely abandoned and lifeless. What makes it interesting is the curiosity it generates with respect to its back-story. What makes a family up and leave an entire mansion behind? That question has generated a lucrative touring concept for the property. There’s even a rumor that there’s an Indian burial ground close by. Although it might not have any part in why the house sits empty, it adds to the mystique around the property for brave ghost tour participants.